What are Bail Bonds in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania Bail Bonds are the formal documents and fees which help you release a person from the jail, when he or she is being detained on suspected charges or crime.

What is a Bail?

Bail is the amount or money that is established by the court. The Bail amount might differ in different cases, which might vary based on the criminal offence, the defendant’s past criminal record, etc.

Once the court sets the bail amount, you can then get a bail bond and get the person released on a temporary basis from the jail and wait for the court hearing.

What is a Bail Bondsman?

A Bail Bondsman, also known as bail agent, is the individual that operates a service that offers bail bonds for people that have been captured by authorities or need to get a release from the jail.

The bail bondsmen operate by lending out the bail amount for the individuals or families that cannot afford the entire fee in exchange of a non-refundable fee.

What is the Bail Amount that you need to pay?

The Bail amount can be set to a few hundred dollars to high thousand dollars, varying depending on the severity of the crime, whether it is a minor or major infraction influences the amount drastically.

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Bail Process In Pensylvania

In order to get out of the jail, the person has the option to pay the money (the Bail amount) to the court as a deposit. Once he or she appears for the scheduled court hearing, they receive the money back.

However, what you need to understand is that not everyone has the kind of cash in hand or cannot afford to pay the huge amounts to the courts to get out of the jail. This is where the need for the Bail Bonds agency becomes essential. They take care of the bail amount for you in exchange of a small fee.

The additional fees charged by the bail bond agency varies from state to state and the bail agencies charge a percentage of the bail amount, which is non-refundable.

Bail Process in Pennsylvania

Similar to any other state, bails in Pennsylvania do follow a certain process. The bail processes enable the person to continue their life in a regular way and wait for the hearing or trial.

Ways to get Bail Bonds Pennsylvania

There are different ways of getting bail bonds in PA, which might help the person to get released from custody in Philadelphia:

  • You have the option of using the bail bondsmen PA.
  • Or, you can pay the cash amount of bond in full in the court or jail.
  • Or, you have the option of using your home as collateral.
  • Lastly, you can get freed by the judge for our own recognizance, i.e. person’s criminal record, crime severity, etc.

In general, people often prefer to look for Bail Bondsman Pennsylvania. Here in order to get released from the court or jail, the person is required to pay the bail amount. There is a possibility that he or she might not have the money at hand and thus the bail bondsman in pa or the bail bond agent will help you to pay the bail amount in return of an non-refundable fee.

The non-refundable fee in most cases is up to 10% of the total bail amount proposed by the court.

How does a bail bond work in Pennsylvania?

There are three different types of bails that are available to a criminal defendant in Pennsylvania.

  1. Unsecured Bail– Here the criminal defendant needs to sign its name and the magistrate in the court assigns a particular amount or monetary value to your name. As you sign the name, you get a condition release and get to go home.


However, in case you violate any condition state in the bond or fail to appear in the court when called, you can be put in jail and the court might also ask you to pay the amount of money that was set earlier.


Remember, with unsecured bail, you are not required to pay any kind of money.

  1. Released on your own recognizance– Here the person only has to sign its name and no money is set. It only needs to appear for court hearing when summoned.
  2. Secured Bail– With Secured bail, you are required to pay the money or the bail amount as by the court to stay out of jail. It is refundable amount, which is returned back once you appear for the hearing.


In case you violate any condition or fail to appear in court, the bail amount shall be forfeited by the court of law.

Conditions on which you can look for Bail Bonds in Pennsylvania

Bails are given to individuals to allow them to live their regular life and not be in jail.

  • Firstly, it is important that you have to appear in court every time you are summoned.
  • You can receive bail bonds in Pennsylvania, on the condition that you are not charged with any other criminal offence.
  • You must notify the bail agency about sudden change of address within 48 hours.
  • You cannot intimidate witnesses.

Keep in mind, people very often get into trouble when they are charged again and they are found to contact witness.

There are additional conditions like, you cannot use drugs, must not drink alcohol, cannot enter mentioned establishments where alcohol is served. There are other conditions as well that can be set, which have legal limits to it. But the most intimidating ones are mentioned above.

Do you get Money Back for the Bail bonds in Pennsylvania?

If the person, who is charged for a criminal offence, fulfills the conditions set by the court, which can be about appearing in court when summoned, following additional conditions set by the court, etc. the money thus paid for bail is returned back to the bailer.

When can the Bail bonds in Pennsylvania get revoked?

In case the criminal defendant fails to appear in court as and when ordered by the judge, the bail bond might get revoked. In such cases the bail bonds PA gets the right to sue the defendant or the individual that signed for the guarantee in the bond to recoup the money.

However, if the money is not received in the form of cash, bail bonds PA shall recoup the amount by seizing the assets that were used to secure the bail bond.

What is the arrest and bail bonds PA process in Pennsylvania?

Once the person that is accused for the criminal offence is arrested, you need to have complete information about the person in custody, to proceed with the bail process. Things like the charges against the person, where is the person kept, etc.

Here are the things that you need to know-

  1. Where is the person in custody kept now?
  2. Have the full name of the person and get the booking number of the person in jail. This is essential, as the bail bonds PA is going to need it to contact the jail.
  3. Find out the bail amount that the court has asked to pay. When you know the bail amount, you can then get in contact with the bail bonds agent to find out the requirements and the additional cost that might incur, in case you hire their services.

Options to pay the bail

Paying the bail on your own– You can pay the bail amount on your own in full. You can simply visit the bail Acceptance Office, with the required details like your ID card, the bail amount, etc. The Bail Acceptance office is open throughout the day, so you can visit it anytime you want.

Getting a Bail Bonds PA– As soon as you hear the news of your loved one or friend getting arrested, you can call our agency and inquire about the bail bondsman services. In case you cannot afford the Bail amount in full, you can contact the bail bonds agent and get the bail amount by paying the extra charges to get the bail amount from the agency.

Additional Information on Bail Bondsman Pennsylvania

The bail bonds are signed by the individual that takes guarantee of the accused that it shall follow the conditions state by the court and shall appear when called for hearing.

Remember, if you sign for the guarantee, in case the person fails to appear in the court, you shall become liable to pay the bail amount that is paid by the agency. Or the bail bonds PA shall themselves contact you to recoup the amount.

Getting your loved one or friend out of the jail

Of course each one of us, want our loved ones out of the jail. We want to make sure that as soon as our loved ones are arrested, they are taken out of jail. But, there are certain situations or conditions when getting an instant bail might not be possible.

Moreover, in case you understand that your friend and loved one has committed a serious crime and you know that he or she is not innocent, you do not have to look for the bail options.

Case Completion

Once you have paid the bail amount and the person in custody is out of the jail. The next thing that you need to look for is a lawyer that can help you with the case.

The bail amount is returned back when the person fulfills or complies with the conditions set by the court and appears without fail for the court hearings. In some cases, the bail amount is returned within two weeks, while it may take a little more time in some situations.

If you are looking for bail bonds Pennsylvania, this is all you need to know. In case you receive a call at night from your friend about him being caught, than along with money, good credit and collateral you might also need a good bail bondsman PA agent to help you through the bail process. You of course need a company that has a good reputation.

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