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Understanding Bail and The Montgomery County Bail Bond Process

What happens when a police officer arrests you in Montgomery? First, you will be processed at the county jail. Then they will lead you to your jail cell where you will stay until your arraignment. An arraignment is a hearing during which a defendant is presented before a judge and informed of all the charges they have to face. Upon hearing the charges, the judge will set bail for the defendant.    

This, of course, presumes that you qualify for a bail bond in  PA. There are some defendants who are simply remanded to jail because of the seriousness of their crimes. If you qualify for bail, the judge will set the amount you have to pay to attain your freedom.    

Bail for all intent and purpose, is no different from a loan. It is the amount of money that you must pay to the court before you can go free. Bail acts as collateral. It is designed to ensure that you return to court to contest the charges filed against you on the appointed date. The amount of money a defendant must pay in bail will depend on factors such as the nature of their crime, their criminal record, any risk they might pose to the public, etc. Under normal circumstances, you are expected to pay the full amount of bail. And in doing so, you will attain your freedom.

What happens if I do not have the finances to post bail?    

What do you do if the bail set by the judge is so high that you have no way of paying it? Well, this is where you contact a bail bondsman in Montgomery County. What Can We Do For You? We are not sharks. Our purpose isn’t to prey on the weak and the downtrodden. You can think of a Montgomery County Bail Bondsman as a First Aid Kit or, better yet, a tool of last resort. We are your one and only hope of attaining your freedom when you fall foul of the law. If the police in Montgomery arrest you and you fail to post the bail the court has set, you can count on us to step in.

We shall pay the bail on your behalf, granting you your freedom. It then becomes our responsibility to ensure that you appear in court on the appointed date. Otherwise, we risk losing the bail money. As compensation for our services, we shall take a percentage of the bail amount once you make your appearance in court. Agents issuing Bail bonds in Pennsylvania typically take 5 – 10% of the total bail amount.

Do I need collateral to get a bail bond in Montgomery?

Of course, to ensure that we recoup our investment in the case that you choose to flee the county, we sometimes expect you to present some sort of collateral, an asset we can sell to recover our expenses. But don’t let that scare you. We are not here to claim your assets. Our decade of experience in the field proves as much. We want you to succeed so that you can pay us our premium.

We also know that if we serve you to your satisfaction, our reputation will grow. This is why we go above and beyond to keep our clients happy. We are always available, so do not be afraid to call us at any hour of the day or night. We can also come to you in situations where you cannot locate our offices or the jail in which your loved one is being held.   

The best thing you can do for your troubled friends and family is to call us during their time of need. If possible, consider co-signing their bail bond. It would go a long way in simplifying the process required to secure their freedom.